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Jen joins FNTSY Network as a guest analyst for "Next Week in Fantasy"

Well, it finally happened. Two loves have been combined! Jen is excited to have her first outing as a Fantasy Baseball Analyst on the FNTSY Network. Joining the expert Nando DiFino and last year's Tout Wars Mixed Draft Champion, Adam Ronis, Jen helps break down the strategies to how to win your Fantasy Baseball League this year! Advice on starting to sitting two- start pitchers, holding or dropping slumping players, trades, and more! And, of course, stay tuned for a special section on Jen's home team, the Houston Astros.

All times EST:

May 14th: 1 pm midnight

May 15th : 5 am 10 am 3 pm 9 pm

May 16th : 4 am noon

Check your cable provider, and if it doesn't provide FNTSY, you can also find it on XBOX, Amazon, and the newest generation Apple TV.... And of course, you can always stream it from

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